Coffee Origin

Know where your coffee is from

Coffee Origin can make a huge difference in the taste profile. Just think of the various coffee growing areas. They are spread around the world with the main production areas being in Central and South America, Africa and Asia. The climate can vary dramatically between these areas. Also, geography will be very different.

Coffee can grow at high altitude, up to about 6000 feet. But another point to consider is the distance from the equator. Hawaii with its famous Kona coffee lies rather north of the equator. This means that the temperature at an altitude of 2000 feet will be quite different from the same altitude in Ethiopia or Colombia.

Coffee origins of ifferent areas also mean different varietals and different processing mehods. The favored arabica coffee beans are grown in most of the well known production areas in Latin America, Hawaii, and most of the African countries like Ethiopia, Kenia, or Ruanda. The less prized robusta beans are mainly grown in Vietnam and some areas of Brazil. Their caffeine content is higher, but the taste profile is rather inferior. Still, they are added to blends for espresso as they ensure a great crema and offer a certain punch. Even in famous Italian espresso blends you may find up to 20% of robusta beans.

The most favored coffee origins these days are Ethiopia and some areas of Central and South America. The most expensive coffee in 2019 is a Panama Geisha coffee, which actually has its origins in Ethiopia. It was discovered to be of outstanding quality only less than 20 years ago. It is thus much more expensive than the famous Blue Mountain Coffee from Jamaica.

panama geisha coffee boquete

Panama Geisha Coffee – most expensive coffee in the world

Panama Geisha Coffee  – an outstanding coffee in every respect Panama Geisha Coffee has been making headlines since about 15 years. Year after year it won top prizes, and consequently, prices raced to new records every year. In 2019 one pound fetched $1,029, a price for coffee beans never seen before and making it the

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