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Coffee is an acquired taste and an affordable luxury. And it will take time and drinking a lot of it to experience the various nuances of different origins. It is just like appreciating good wine. Once you can appreciate coffee just by itself, without sugar, cream or artificial flavoring, you can start calling yourself a coffee aficionado.

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Find articles about all aspects of coffee. It is a never-ending story with a rich history. New ideas inspired by coffee are evolving somewhere on the globe. We will try our best to uncover interesting facts about this heavenly drink.

Articles will appear in irregular intervals, so check back in from time to time or leave a comment and we will notify you of anything new.

Kopi Luwak anyone? It’s just $80 a cup.

Kopi Luwak anyone? It’s just $80 a cup.

  Is Kopi Luwak the most expensive coffee? You certainly have heard about civet coffee or may know it rather by its more colloquial expression cat poop coffee. To add a more sophisticated touch and to establish it as an upscale product it is now mostly marketed under...

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