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The Best Brewing Methods to Make Coffee and Tea at Home

brewing coffee and tea at home
by Lorena Romo

 A Brief History of Coffee and Tea

Coffee can be traced back to ancient Ethiopia as long ago as 850 CE, but it didn’t make its way to Europe until the 1700s. Today, coffee is by far one of the most popular and beloved beverages on the planet. Tea made its first appearance in China, and then reached Japan by the 12th century. Tea was first brought to Russia around 1618, when it was introduced by a Chinese ambassador. Soon, all of Europe fell in love with tea, and it spread throughout the continent. Settlers eventually brought it to the New World, and later, the infamous 1773 Boston Tea Party was held.  Not only are tea and coffee delicious to drink, but each offers a few health benefits, too. Tea is rich in antioxidants, which can help your body fight cell-damaging free radicals. Both coffee and tea contain varying amounts of caffeine to help boost your mood and improve energy levels. Some studies show that both of these drinks may help to fight cancer and may even play a role in preventing or improving symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. Tea has less caffeine than coffee but is richer in polyphenols, a powerful form of antioxidant. Let’s take a closer look at tips for brewing coffee and tea so you can enjoy them to the fullest at home.    

Essentials for Brewing Coffee and Tea

pastedGraphic.png https://www.pexels.com/photo/wood-dawn-beans-caffeine-6616443/ Before you get started, there are a few must-haves that you’ll need when brewing either coffee or tea. Brewing method. Choose your favorite brewing method based on your own needs. Whether it’s with a drip coffee maker or a tea infuser, the method you choose will determine what type of accessories you need. Type of coffee or tea. If you love fresh-ground coffee, you’ll need some fresh whole beans. You may also purchase ground coffee or instant coffee if you prefer. Tea lovers can choose between fresh tea leaves, tea bags, or a tea infusion to enjoy. Cups or tea sets. Grab a nice coffee mug for your favorite hot beverage. True tea fans may want to purchase a beautiful tea set that includes cups, saucers, and a teapot. Coffee grinder. Those who love fresh coffee beans will need a grinder to get the beans to a nice, fine consistency before brewing. Storage. Your coffee and tea should be kept in an airtight storage container, like a canister with a sealed lid, to keep them as fresh as possible. Syrups or other flavor additions. From flavored syrups like cinnamon or vanilla to herbs and spices, look for some ways to add a boost of flavor to your drink.    

Coffee Brewing Methods