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 Coffee is truly global

Next to water, it is the most consumed beverage in the world.

But there are many different ways to prepare your favorite drink.

Mocha Latte

To add chocolate to coffee and call it mocha is an American invention.

Pour Over

A very hands-on method to brew a great cup. You are very much in control of the process.


Enjoyed straight as a single or double shot. Can be the base of many creative drinks.

for the love of coffee

Coffee is an acquired taste and an affordable luxury. And it will take time and drinking a lot of it to experience the various nuances of different origins. It is just like appreciating good wine. Once you can appreciate coffee just by itself, without sugar, cream or artificial flavoring, you can start calling yourself a coffee aficionado.

coffee origins

Originating from Ethiopia, coffee is now produced in many areas of the world. Different climate, soil, and altitude will create differences in quality and taste profile. Just like wine. There is a lot to discover.

brewing methods

The brewing method has a major influence on the taste profile of your coffee. Some methods are extremely simple, not even requiring a filter. Others require more sophisticated equipment, like espresso machines. Let’s investigate them.

Coffee Shops around the world

Unlimited Coffee Bar in Tokyo

Unlimited Coffee Bar, a place for professionally prepared coffee The Unlimited Coffee Bar is a small gem of a coffee shop with top-notch specialty coffee in a charming downtown area of Tokyo. This neighborhood is bustling with tourists from all over the world....

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Latest From Our Blog

Find articles about all aspects of coffee. It is a never-ending story with a rich history. New ideas inspired by coffee are evolving somewhere on the globe. We will try our best to uncover interesting facts about this heavenly drink.

Articles will appear in irregular intervals, so check back in from time to time or leave a comment and we will notify you of anything new.

Cold brewed coffee

What’s the buzz with cold brewed coffee? Cold brewed coffee became more popular in the US only in the last 10 years or so, but it has already a long history. There is evidence that it has been around in Japan as early as the 1600s. Japanese have always been drinkers...

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Delightful coffee from Costa Rica

Costa Rica - a small country with great coffee   Costa Rica is very well known among coffee lovers around the world for its delicious coffee, even though this little country doesn't even make it into the list of the top ten producers in the world in terms of quantity....

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